Sales Vid

Generate Loom-like videos at scale.

Sell Faster

Video Marketing Made Easy

Create a simple video, upload a list of your prospects, and we'll generate a custom video just for them ✨.

Record a video template

This is the video of you talking, just like in the lower left hand corner of a Loom video.

Upload Leads

Upload a lead list that includes the URL for us to record for that prospect.

Get Dynamic Videos

Personalized videos are generated with a dedicated page per prospect, gif, video, and image.

Use Cases (AKA Don't Be Boring!)

Video prospecting unlocks so many creative opportunities to have fun with your prospects. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


Scroll through your prospect's website!


Social Media

Scroll through their social profiles!


News Article

How about sending over a relevant news article or industry report?


Google Maps

Explore fun prospecting ideas with google maps.


Case Study

Walk your prospect through a compelling case study!


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